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Writer's Block: Listen to This
If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
FRANZ FERDINAND! and then several others as all the bands that I've known through fangirling Franz. And there's a lot of those. Like Belle and Sebastian, who are brilliant from Glasgow, as well as Sons and Daughters, 1990's, u.n.p.o.c. (he is GOD!). Correcto, obviously.
Electro bands like METRONOMY! or Cut Copy. Four Tet or MGMT. Box Codax, who are maybe as great as Metronomy.
American bands related to FF like The Strokes, The Fiery Furnaces or Scissors Sisters. UK acts like The Rakes (!), The Cribs (L).
And of course their old bands, like The Karelia, Yummy Fur, Amphetameanies and Kamerakino.
Maybe I knew nobody before Franz? Yeah, probably. Dark ages.

So 4 days till I'm off to Manchester. I'msonervousthatIdon'twannathinkaboutit. It won't top Edinburgh '08 because the people I met there were/are fantastiche and the city is the most beautiful ever seen. And the weather was tourist-friendly too. I just hope that Manchester will be as half good as Edin. was.
And still I have to buy some other stuff. I hate traveling. Can't you just invent a wormhole for me, please?! TELEPORTATION NOW!

*moonwalks out of the LJ*

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Whenever I'm given the opportunity to give someone music recs, Franz is on TOP of the list :D

*moonwalks out of the LJ*


*loves icon*
btw have you seen ?
I did some videos with my friends but they aren't great and under 2mb, so I can't upload them, but I'll try to repeat them when i come back from Manchester. There's a video that explains how to moonwalk, and I'm deffo learning it by heart! haha
did you see the memorial?

:D ♥
Ooh no I haven't! *clicks* Ooh that is awesome! Haha, it looks like a lot of people are just walking backwards though xD I want to learn how to do it as well, but I feel like a goof trying xD

Yes! It was SO heartbreaking. When Marlon mentioned his brother Brandon and when Paris spoke I just SOBBED :(

There's all kind of moonwalks in there! (yes, I've watched -a lot- of meters of that) you don't even have to show your face to do it! or moonwalk properly haha It's an awesome tribute indeed :)
You deffo should try!

I KNOW! I watched like the last hours and half 'cause I had to shop some stuff, and I caught Brooke Shields (she's gorgeous btw) and I burst in tears! So touching! and obvs tears fell through my face when Paris tried to speak - soul-breaking!
I've just watched an interview with him (it's a fairly known one, but I can't remember the interviewer). He was probably nuts this last decade, but I still think that he was a genius.
Maybe you've watched it too?

Hehe, me too! I totally got distracted watching it xD
Aw your sweet, I don't think so though. I don't have a proper webcam and I'd probably end up embarrassing myself xD

I woke up really early (for me... lol) to watch it and it was so tragic! I thought Brooke was really sweet, she really did look beautiful! :') Her speech totally made me cry :( Poor bb Paris! She seems like such a sweet child!

Hmm, I have no idea if I've seen the video your talking about, I'm sorry! :S

EDIT;; lol how embarrassing is it I spelled it wrong the first time?! XD

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