Writer's Block: Trip Down Memory Lane
What's the best vacation you've ever taken?
Edinburgh. It wasn't real holidays, but still. I'm coming back some day, no doubt.

Writer's Block: In a Jam
If you were in trouble or ran afoul of the law, which fictional detective or investigator—from tv, movies, or books—would you want to help you?
Thomas Lang, sexiness and intelligence. End of.

RTVE.es Live Chat with Bob&Nick
I've translated (better translation and faster than RTVE.es staff-mwahaha) the wee Live chat with half of the Franzies done today 3/04/09 [It will always be in my heart, lol]. Enjoy!

Click here to see the chat as seen in RTVE.es

-Franz Ferdinand:

Hello, we are Nick and Bob from Franz Ferdinand. Got any questions?

(France): Which place haven't you played to yet and where you really want to go?
Nick: India, an interesting place to perform.
Bob: Tristan de Cunha.

-Paola (Valencia): Firstly, I'd like to say that you're the best international band. You're Great! How did you begin? Why did you named yourselves Franz Ferdinand?
Nick: we were looking for a name, we were looking through historical names and we remembered the archduke. It sounds good, it has rhythm.

-Manué (Brussels): Hey guys! Some weeks ago I was in your concert in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique, great performance, you totally connected with the public. You finished it jumping into the public and throwing your guitars, it was fantastisch! But you didn't play "Jaqueline" even if we were all the time asking for it, later I heard you didn't play it in Cologne neither, are you tired of this song?
In any case, congratulations for your tour and keep on being so fresh, that make you the very best. Manué
Bob: Thanks, Manué, we enjoyed it. If you look trhough the web [=Kyte, I guess], you will find a film of the show. No, we are not tired of them. We simply change our setlist sometimes.

-Gema (Tenerife): Do you like any indie rock band from Spain? I love Edimburgh and its festival. xx Gema
Nick: I remember Heroes del Silencio, but we don't like them.
Bob: I know there are many good bands in Spain, but my brain is off.

-Angie, Moscow: Hey guys, will you take Andy Knowles with you when you come to Russia?
Bob: Probably not.

-Dasha, Russia: Nick, what would you like to get for your Birthday?
Nick: Walkie Talkies.

-Monica (Zagreb, Croatia): Why is your first single from Tonight called Ulysses? Does it have special meaning?
Bob: We were looking for a name related to death and about getting lost, and it sounded good.

-Paolo (Madrid): Why for your albums do you completeley copy the vintage russian designs?
Bob: Because they are cool, really cool, is a very clean design.
Nick: They are like our music.

-Adela, León: The rumour has it that Nick's other band, Box Codax, is going to release an album in summer and that Metronomy helped them, is it true? I love Metronomy!! I hope it's true. Thanks.
Nick: Yes, it is right, but we are not sure when, maby fall. Metronomy is a great band.

-Lucy, Lancashire: If you had to have sex with an animal, which animal would it be? Bet you've not been asked that before ;-) x
Bob and Nick: I don't know.

-x_x : At the Macbeth gig in London, there were images put up, including one that looked like a block of flats being demolished. Was it anything to do with the Stirlingfaulds flats in Glasgow being demolished a few days before?
Nick: Yes, they were.

-Javier: Hi, thanks for answering. Currently there's a lot of brit bands, but, do you think that they are as good as other past bands? and finally, what kind of music and bands do you listen to?
Bob: There are good bands, but it's not good to compare. Nobody can be the Beatles again. I listen to good music.

-Ethel: Will you play again some oldies like Shopping for blood, Van Tango or Love and Destroy?
Bob: We have played it in the last months.
Nick: We like you to listen to B-sides as well. Thanks!

-Victoria: your worst show?
Bob: We don't remember bad shows, only the good ones. Sorry.

-Anónimo: Other than BRILLIANT, how would you describe Franz Ferdinand?
Bob: Just four guys who like to make girls dance and started a band.

-Onnanoko_Lulu / Méxco:
Where this Franz Ferdinand in 20 years?
Bob: We don't make plans for that long. Better keeping the surprise.

-Bethan: Hi guys! If you could each have one wish, what would you wish for?
Nick: Walkie talkies
Bob: Unlimited wishes, please!

-Adela, León: What is the last movie you've seen and you've liked?
Nick: The Baader Meinhof complex.
Bob: Home Alone.

-Rebecca, Nz: For all of you... Wallace or Gromit?
Nick: Wallace, the man.

-Jerney, Barnet, UK: What animal describes your personality best and why?
Nick: Dolphin.
Bob: Lion.

-Liberty, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA:
-What, when and where was your biggest on-stage mistake?
-I love Greek food. Alex, what's your favorite Greek dish?
-You mentioned in a recent interview that you'd be doing another cover from a female pop star. Have you started rehearsing this mystery song yet? (And why do I have an inkling it'll be a Lady Gaga song?)
Bob y Nick: No, it's not Lady Gaga, but you're close.

-Franz Ferdinand:
Thanks for your questions, sorry we don't have time to answer them all. See you online soon!!!!!


Current Addiction
This song:

Tell me he's not Alex...


Joke: do you know the joke of "No, me neither"
Follow it here!!
No, me neither.

This is what boredom and internet do me. And now, let's be productive!

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Analyze me!
Taken from allieandra 

And it seemed like we would have some good weather for a few weeks and today it snowed...last week I was in a 20ºC temperature and 10º during the night.


The Evening We Meet Franz Ferdinand
On monday I was told that I won the VIP passes and the double Meet&Greet. Superexcited. My friend and I screamed in front of the computer.
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MTV Winter Valencia will be shown 20th March worldwide, don't miss it. It'll have a wee interview I guess.
High moments of the performance: What She Came For and the awesome 40'. Oh how I loved it.

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And if you wonder, this happened 24/02/09 but I'm that lazy. It's sunday already.
Ohh we got a wee interview too! Here It's in Spanish, sorry.

Things that are not fair
UnfairnessCollapse )

A cookie if anyone reads it and can help me!

Before posting my own made crappy gifs, I'll let you know that Franz did it ...yet once again.Collapse )

So here we go with the gifs:
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So, yeah, that's my idea of art.

Feist+The Office

As said in Feist's Myspace Blog:

TSFW {Totally Safe For Work}

Feist got a job in an Office episode directed by Ken Kwapis.
If you live in the U.S., you should be able to view it on the NBC
website. Compatriots, you may need a stealthier approach as we don't
have online access in Canada. We do have televisions here, carved from
ice, so stay tuned for part II of the episode this week.

I have to download that episodeee!!


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