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Franz makes my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I hardly ate or had a nice sleep more than 3 hours, but SO WORTHY!
can't wait to see them, damnit!!

Isn't it the cutest thing ever? awww

It's gonna be massively awesome. Or I hope so. Gonna meet more FF Fanz so it makes it double epic. :D

On the other hand: I've lost a package of pictures. I thought I had saved them but happens that they weren't :( damnnn!
anyone knows If i can get them back from the SD memory card? :'(

I have a loadshit of things to do and I'm still sick...it makes things harder. Gotta go and do something NOW!



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I don't know if I want the 21st to come or to stay away. It's painfully far and scarily close.
Bad things: I have to resit and exam, a bloody exam I should have passed, but they are bitches therefore they had to fail me. Then all the stuff about Uni and more stuff related to it like timetables, pay this and that, go there, come here, shit!! And also start Uni again -the only thought of it already bores me...Also, I don't know j¡yet if I should study German or French...I already know a wee really weeeeee bit of French (oh yes, 6 years studying it and that's all I know...) However, I'd liek to start German for one year and then continue with French. The idea of saying Hallo to Nick MacCarthy makes me happy inside. I'm 75% for german, but still...
Good things:
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House, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory and BFN start! :D JOY! This is the only good thing about the beginning of autumn. And of course, I won't have to spend all day (a few hours more likely, but anyway) studying. I'm pretty proud of myself there...I started few weeks ago, and I might study like 3-4 hours (surely no more than that) and I can see myself relaxed the weekend before, because I've studied everything. I think this has never happened to me before! Fantastic.
But you can take for granted that this won't happen again, I'm a lazy cunt, and nothing/nobody will change that. Laziness ftw!

Also, I've started watching That 70's Show, do I like it? I've watched the 1st season in 2 days...yeah, I think so.

Anyway, must leave to study a biiiit weeee more. I really hope I could hold a Franz ticket for the 4th Dic. this week/soon/soon enough/before they fly away. *crosses fingers*

Busy days are coming.

Summer wasting
Summer goes faster and faster, I can't believe it's mid August already! And now it's too hot to think let alone study, so I just keep pulling that back...lol

Anyway, back to my village!

Writer's Block: Listen to This
If a friend asked you for some new music recommendations, what would you suggest?
FRANZ FERDINAND! and then several others as all the bands that I've known through fangirling Franz. And there's a lot of those. Like Belle and Sebastian, who are brilliant from Glasgow, as well as Sons and Daughters, 1990's, u.n.p.o.c. (he is GOD!). Correcto, obviously.
Electro bands like METRONOMY! or Cut Copy. Four Tet or MGMT. Box Codax, who are maybe as great as Metronomy.
American bands related to FF like The Strokes, The Fiery Furnaces or Scissors Sisters. UK acts like The Rakes (!), The Cribs (L).
And of course their old bands, like The Karelia, Yummy Fur, Amphetameanies and Kamerakino.
Maybe I knew nobody before Franz? Yeah, probably. Dark ages.

So 4 days till I'm off to Manchester. I'msonervousthatIdon'twannathinkaboutit. It won't top Edinburgh '08 because the people I met there were/are fantastiche and the city is the most beautiful ever seen. And the weather was tourist-friendly too. I just hope that Manchester will be as half good as Edin. was.
And still I have to buy some other stuff. I hate traveling. Can't you just invent a wormhole for me, please?! TELEPORTATION NOW!

*moonwalks out of the LJ*

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WHERE THE FUCK DOES THE TIME GO?! I demand! I really need an explanation...why do I expend 6 hours with a fucking text and it won't EVER finish???!!!!!!! And there's yet another 2 boring and LOOOOOOOOOONG texts waiting, and I need to finish this crap this week and the start study! where is my life? I used to be lazy! :'(

I need my House fix too...DOWNLOAD FASTER YOU IDIOT! D:

Gifs! Part II

2 Barney Stinson gifs!
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2 Mando Diao gifs!
Dance with somebody videoCollapse )

2 The Rakes gifs!
1989 videoCollapse )

2 Hugh Laurie gifs!
Hugh dancing!! :DCollapse )

Darts of Pleasure videoCollapse )

NYG behind the scenesCollapse )

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I don't do it for the money, but for the fun! haha

Writer's Block: Strange Conversations
What's the best conversation you've ever had with a stranger—on a bus, in an elevator, at a cafe, etc.?
I don't remember many conversation with stranger - because I don't talk to them *halo* not really, it's shyness - but the mist wtf happened 2 weeks ago.
After all night hanging around we were sitting on the Square, when 2 guys approached. One looked like Obama (for real!), and the other was just a bit annoying. We ended up talking about where the potatoes grow up best, in Europe or America. I keep wondering why they refused to admit it was America (when they were from Santo Domingo actually) and why my friend said they were right. What the heck was he thinking?!
Anyway, too random for a night. You can really find anything out there at night!

Let them do it
Because 80's were better than now, and it shall always be like that. They did know how to do it.
The ReasonCollapse )

Writer's Block: Out of Uniform
Do you change clothes when you come home from work or class? What do you put on?
Always in pyjamas. Unless I'll have to go out again in the afternoon.


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